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What you need to be a coach

1.  Fill out coaching application before practice starts.

2.  Sign coach code of conduct before practice starts.

3.  Register with USA Hockey as a coach every year at before practice starts.

4.  Take the online Module for the level you are coaching before practice starts.  Go to - click on Coach on the top bar & click on Age-Specific Modules.  Only need to take each level once.

5.  Take the Safesport online training before practice starts.  Go to - click on Safety on the top bar & click on SafeSport training.  Good for 2 years and then there is a refresher course.

6.  Take a CEP class by December 31st.  Go to - click on Coach on the top bar & click on Coaching Clinics.  All coaches begin by attending a Level 1 clinic then progress through the 3 levels every year.  After you take Level 3 it is good for 2 years then you can retake the Level 3 clinic online twice (good for 2 years).  Then you need to take a level 4 clinic.  Mite and Mini Mite coaches can have an expired CEP, but they have to have at least level one.

7.  A background study needs to be taken before practice starts and is good for 2 years.  You can find the background study under USA Hockey background check which will take you to the MN background check or you can go to MN Hockey background check.  We are district 15.

8.  Turn in all information to your associations registration board member.

Coach's Code of Conduct

The Coach's Code of Conduct is found on page 14 - 16 of the MBA Handbook.  Please read all of the handbook.  Copy and sign page 16 and turn in to a board member.