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Registration Information for MBA Storm


MBA Storm Online Registration is available at  Registration for any returning hockey players will be open from 2-Jul-2021 through 01-SEPT-2021.  A late fee of $50 will be charged to any returning family registering after 01-SEPT-2021.  It is imperative that we know (early) how many players intend to play, so we can start planning for the season.  New hockey members will have an opportunity to register after 01-SEPT-2021 without penalty.  Some levels have enough players for 2 teams, if you do not register prior to deadline, you forfeit tryouts and will be placed on the lower level of the 2 teams.  If you do not have your USA Hockey number registration yet, that is OK we can get it later.  It is more important to get an idea of head count at this point.

Click the link below to go to online registration portal.  Please have your USA Hockey registration completed and USA Hockey number(s) for each player to be registered ready.

Register online with USA Hockey

Link to USA Hockey registration: and click on the Ice Players and Coaches link. Follow the instructions, pay the fee, provide the registrar with your player(s) USA hockey number for THIS season.

MBA Storm Online Registration for 2021-2022 season is LIVE!

There is now only 1 form needed at first practice, which is the consent to treat.

Follow the online registration link (blue bar below) to digitally sign all other forms.  A physical copy of consent to treat (for each player) is needed for the coaches binder, please bring a hard copy to the first practice.

Once online registration is completed an email will be sent out with the total needed for registration costs.   Also, each individual association has their own fundraising requirements - an email with those requirements will also be sent out.  A check for registration, and any deposit checks will be needed at the first practice.


link to MN level by age

Click on the Forms below for quick reference if needed.