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Benson Hockey Concession's Info. and Schedules.

A Message from our Concessions Manager

Welcome to another season with BHA!   We are excited for the year to begin.   Some of this information is "old news" for some of you, but hopefully a refresher as well.


Sara Hoffman and Jay DeToy will be our Concession Managers for the upcoming season.   Please reach out to them throughout the season with any questions you may have.  


Concession Stand - Open Skate / Open Hockey

BHA Concession Stand will be open for open skate/open hockey held on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  A signup form has been created on sign up genius for members to select a date to work.  Our goal is to get our association members involved in helping in the concession stand while providing an opportunity to earn work hour time.

Please find a rink attendant to open the concession door for you.  The rink attendant will lock the concession door for you at the end of your shift.  General responsibilities include selling concessions, restocking concession items, cleaning concession area including sweeping the lobby.    If more than one adult family member is able to work; other items to be done include, cleaning the lobby bathrooms, sweeping/cleaning bleachers; cleaning locker rooms; and vacuuming upstairs/downstairs viewing areas.  Please record your hours on the Work Log located outside the concession door. 

Items to be sold during open skate-open hockey nights include candy, slushies, hot chocolate, cappuccino, soda, powerade, water.

Please click on the link to select a date(s).  Wednesday and Sunday Concessions '19-'20


Concession Stand - Games/ Tournaments

Each team is to arrange their own work schedule during their games/tournaments to cover concessions (for those new members, each team has a team mom/dad that will coordinate this).  Plan to open concessions at least 1 hour prior to the start of the game; If it is the first game of the day, you should be there 1 ½ hrs before game to get items going and open concessions an hour before game time. When the game is done, please wash dishes, clean machines (popcorn, pizza, cheese, ovens and pizza/pretzel warmer, mini-donut), clean counters, take garbage out, and wash floors or be ready to hand off to the next team if a second game is scheduled that day.  Please be conscientious of the cleanliness of the concession stand and have the items done before you finish your shift.   Also, check the lobby bathrooms for any items needing restocked or cleaned.  Please record your hours on the Work Log located outside the concession door.


New Members to BHA

New members or members wishing to have a refresher of the equipment and process in the concession stand may contact Sara Hoffman at 320-843-4312 or to schedule a time to review.